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Gear You should Always Carry on Your Fishing Kayak

Kayak Fishing Tales:

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From The Boat Galley reviews

A great safety thing!

theboatgalley: How to get into the dinghy after swimming or snorkeling?? We got Rescue Steps and it’s so much easier! Highly recommended! No installation, they just hook to a lifting point. I’m 59, and have no trouble getting in the dinghy.

theboatgalley: Exactly! Ten times easier than anything else I’ve tried!

rescue_step: Glad you liked the product!

From reviews

Great product and life safer on duck boats!

Great product. We use on our center console and duck boat. Try a couple of times to get the feel. Works great.

Amazon Customer

I would highly recommend this product

I have had mine for over a year now. My wife and I use it constantly getting in and out of our center console. It is much more convenient than a metal ladder and stores very compactly. It is well made and shows no sign of wear. I would highly recommend this product.

Amazon Customer

I hope I never have to use it

I hope I never have to use it. But it seems like a must have for this old yak fisherman to be able to get back into his kayak if it ever came to that. Pricey considering you could probably make something functional for much less, but it does seem well designed and stows very nicely.

Amazon Customer

Well done but could I have made these myself?

Good product but there are now some other models out there that less than 1/2 the price. Check out Save a Jake. The bag, hook and loop and quick release features are what earns 4 stars.


Haven’t had to use it yet but seems to be a good quality product and well thought out

If you have a Hobie pro angler this thing is a must. Don’t see the need for one on my Coosa but wouldn’t want to try flipping the pro angler 14 over without it. Haven’t had to use it yet but seems to be a good quality product and well thought out.

BooyakashaTop Contributor: Kayaking

This is exactly as advertised and has the fluorescent green …

This is exactly as advertised and has the fluorescent green straps. I will add this to my new Hobie Pro Angler 12 which will aid in righting it if I’m ever in that situation. The step is a secondary boarding option for the pro angler 12.

Art M.

Five Stars

Good product could be a lifesaver

Ronald B.

When you need a little help…

Such a cool implementation. Haven’t had to use them yet, and will practice getting back into our kayaks in the summer.


Well made

Charles W.

Five Stars

Works great!!

Pierre C.

From Austin Canoe and Kayak Reviews

Excellent product, for New or Veteran kayakers. Ladder material is made up off super strong nylon webbing. I immediately tried it out and was able to perform deep water self rescue and righting up of my Hobie Outback easily. I like how the ladder is set up within its own pouch and how easily and adjustable the straps are. Highly recommend this product to any one that enjoys the kayaking sport and has safety in mind.

Adrian A.

Light weight, durible, reassuring to have on board. This will be with me on every outting. Well worth the purchase

Don H.

The “Rescue Step.” light in weight, very durible, highly effective. For my peace of mind, it’s worth the purchase.

Don H.

My wife and I carry the Rescue Step, every time you take our kayaks out on the water. It makes it very easy to get back on our kayaks, if we get dunked, or when we have left the kayks to go snorkeling. Well built and designed. We simply attach it to the carry handle of our kayak before we leave the shore, that way it is ready to go, if needed, Just a tug on the handle deploys it. Simple to use. No more worry or struggling to get back on board, quickly and easily. Watch the demo and you’ll be convinced you need one. We bought them after my wife had a mishap and spent time trashing around, struggling to get back on her kayak in the river. Won’t happen again, now that we carry the Rescue Step.

DP- Orlando

The Rescue Step provides a solution to a legitimate problem that plagues many less experienced kayakers. Fortunately, I have not had to use it for it’s intended purpose but it works really well as a tow and portage. The product is made out of durable material and works as advertsided.


From Austin Canoe and Kayak Reviews

I like the rescue step. I don’t have the upper body strength to hoist myself up, to self rescue. I’ve practiced with it and it is great for righting an upside down kayak and getting back in. I haven’t had to use it in the real world luckily, but if I do I’m ready.